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Characters are persons that players can control in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Some characters, like "Rick", have multiple versions of the character and are completely different entities with different art, statics, rarities, and so on.


Rarity indicates how "good" a character is overall and how difficult it is to acquire them. The higher the rarity, the stronger the character. Characters are divided into 5 rarities from lowest to highest:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Epic


Every character has a trait, which allows them to equip a certain weapon, and means that they are strong and weak against other traits. The traits are as follows:
  • Alert: (Uses light ranged weapons: pistols, etc) Good against Strong, weak against Tough.
  • Fast: (Uses light melee weapons: knives, hammers) Good against Tough, weak against Strong.
  • Strong: (Uses two handed melee weapons) Good against Fast, weak against Alert.
  • Tough: (Uses heavy ranged weapons: rifles, machine guns) Good against Alert, weak against Fast.


Each character has a "persona". When you use characters of the same persona when leveling a character, it gives the level up extra experience and a chance to level up your Adrenaline Rush. The more characters used the higher the chance.

Personas are as follow:

  • Leader: (Indicated by a light bulb)
  • Rebel: (Indicated by an A in a circle)
  • Citizen: (Indicated by a small "person" symbol)
  • Peacekeeper: (Indicated by a peace sign)
  • Hunter: (Indicated by a circle with a cross target)
  • Soldier: (Indicated by rank chevrons)
  • Trainer: (Indicated by an open book symbol, These are used for extra xp when leveling up a character)


Most characters have more than one tier. With each tier, the character's art and statistics change slightly.

List of characters

Name Trait Rarity Tiers
Abraham Strong Strong.png Epic 4
Aden Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Allen Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Amy Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 4
Andrea Tough Tough.png Epic 4
Ashley Fast Fast.png Uncommon 3
Axel Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Basil Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 1
Benedict Alert Alert.png Epic 1
Benjamin Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Billy Tough Tough.png Rare 3
Bob Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Brady Alert Alert.png Rare 1
Brigitte Tough Tough.png Uncommon 3
Brock Tough Tough.png Uncommon 3
Burt Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Caitlin Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Caleb Strong Strong.png Common 2
Carol Fast Fast.png Uncommon 3
Carter Tough Tough.png Uncommon 3
Chris Tough Tough.png Common 2
Christa Strong Strong.png Uncommon 3
Clarence Fast Fast.png Common 2
Cletus Fast Fast.png Uncommon 3
Clifton Alert Alert.png Common 2
Craig Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Cyrus Fast Fast.png Common 2
Dale Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Danny Alert Alert.png Common 2
Darius Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Darren Fast Fast.png Uncommon 3
Denise Fast Fast.png Ultra Rare 4
Diane Alert Alert.png Uncommon 3
Diego Tough Tough.png Rare 3
Doug Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Dr. Stevens Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Ethel Alert Alert.png Common 2
Eugene Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 4
Ezekiel Strong Strong.png Epic 4
Gabe Tough Tough.png Rare 3
Gabriel Fast Fast.png Uncommon 3
Garrett Strong Strong.png Uncommon 3
Georges Alert Alert.png Uncommon 3
Gerald Alert Alert.png Common 2
Glenn Strong Strong.png Epic 4
Glenn Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Glenn Fast Fast.png Ultra Rare 4
Gloria Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Grace Tough Tough.png Common 2
Hannah Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Harlan Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Heath Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Hershel Tough Tough.png Common 2
Hershel Tough Tough.png Ultra Rare 4
Holly Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Isabel Fast Fast.png Uncommon 3
Jed Strong Strong.png Common 2
Jeremiah Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Jody Fast Fast.png Common 2
John Strong Strong.png Common 2
Joshua Strong Strong.png Ultra Rare 4
Lara Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Lilly Tough Tough.png Rare 3
Lori Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 4
Lucia Strong Strong.png Common 2
Mac Tough Tough.png Uncommon 3
Maggie Strong Strong.png Ultra Rare 4
Maggie Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 4
Margaret Alert Alert.png Uncommon 3
Martinez Tough Tough.png Rare 3
Michonne Strong Strong.png Epic 4
Michonne Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Mirabelle Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Mitchell Jr Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Morgan Fast Fast.png Epic 4
Nathan Tough Tough.png Common 2
Neil Tough Tough.png Uncommon 3
Nicholas Tough Tough.png Rare 3
Olivia Fast Fast.png Common 2
Otis Strong Strong.png Rare 3
Parker Tough Tough.png Common 2
Phebe Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Randall Alert Alert.png Uncommon 3
Ray Strong Strong.png Uncommon 3
Rick Alert Alert.png Common 2
Rick Alert Alert.png Epic 4
Rick Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Rick Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Rick Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 4
Rob Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Rosita Alert Alert.png Ultra Rare 4
Samuel Tough Tough.png Uncommon 3
Sandy Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Shane Tough Tough.png Ultra Rare 4
Siddiq Fast Fast.png Ultra Rare 4
Stewart Alert Alert.png Uncommon 1
Susan Strong Strong.png Common 2
The Governor Alert Alert.png Common 2
Timothy Alert Alert.png Rare 3
Tobin Fast Fast.png Rare 3
Todd Strong Strong.png Common 2
Tyreese Strong Strong.png Epic 4
Tyreese Fast Fast.png Epic 4
Tyreese Fast Fast.png Rare 3
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